Setco is owned by Holden Industries, Inc., a 100% Employee-Owned Company headquartered in Deerfield, Illinois, USA. Holden Industries operates four wholly-owned subsidiaries which comprise four core business areas.

For over 100 years -- since 1912 -- Setco has designed, built, and serviced precision spindles and is recognized worldwide as a technical leader in design, engineering, and manufacturer of precision spindles and spindle/slide combinations. Setco is a major spindle manufacturer with over 275,000 spindles in the field -- new and rebuilt -- which include belt-driven, geared, motorized, high speed and high frequency models. In addition, Setco offers a complete line of precision linear slides; which include dovetail, hardened way and linear rail slides in 21 standard sizes and hundreds of standard catalog models. Setco products are used worldwide in a variety of industries; including automotive, aerospace, construction, die/mold, cabling and winding, plastics, woodworking, stone cutting and general metalworking industries.

Through acquisitions, Setco is the home of MASTER, POPE and WHITNON, NEO brand spindles, slides, and modules. 

Summary of Products and Services

Setco is a leader in the design, manufacture & service of high performance precision spindles and slides; which includes belt-driven, CNC, gear-driven, motorized models, high speed, high frequency spindles, single/dual axis milling heads and complete lines of dovetail, hardened way, linear bearing, tooling, utility slides, and single and multi-axis machine modules. Setco products are recognized worldwide for accuracy, durability and quality.

Setco is the largest independent rebuilder of precision machine tool spindles in the United States offering complete repair, rebuild and spindle retrofit services. Spindle service is supported by eight global spindle service centers located in Ohio, California, Michigan, Georgia, Taiwan, India, and China which provide technical support for the following market segments:

  • Machine Tool Manufacturers
  • Special Machine Tool Builders and Integrators
  • Powertrain Machinery Manufacturers and End Users
  • Industrial End Users in General.

Global Expansion

Setco began realizing our goal to become a global manufacturing leader by acquiring Ultra Precision Spindles (UPSPL) in 2012 to serve spindle repair needs of customers in India. Later in 2012 Setco acquire NEO Precision spindles to enter the Taiwan/China spindle market. Another major expansion goal was met in 2015 with the addition of spindle service centers in Shanghai, China and Chennai, India. Setco has plans to further expand its ability to serve customers in the Mexico and Europe market in the future.

Mission Statement

A global precision spindle solutions and support network, partnering with customers to maximize productivity.

Quality Policy

Through a strategy of continuous improvement, Setco is dedicated to manufacturing high quality machine tool spindles and slides. It is the responsibility of every employee to ensure that every product shipped meets or exceeds our customer's needs and expectations for quality and service.