Although capable of testing spindles and gearboxes with relatively low RPM’s, Southeast Setco is geared towards servicing higher RPM spindles with rotational speeds upwards of 200,000 cycles per minute. Used in highly sophisticated applications, these high speed spindles and the tolerances associated with their internal components are crucial to their operation. At Southeast Setco, we take pride in our ability to hold sub-micron level tolerances.

Using our state of the art runoff equipment, we check any sensors or feedback devices in a closed loop circuit. This allows us to emulate the operating conditions of the spindle once mounted into the machine and provides our customers with peace of mind knowing they can reinstall their spindle with little worry, and that it will be ready to perform.

Case study: A major automotive engine manufacturer recently interviewed several machine tool spindle rebuilders and chose SE Setco to rebuild their high speed grinding spindles that ran up to 120,000.