Established as a joint venture between SETCO and the Timken Bearing Company, our Southeastern service center has been in operation for over 25 years. In that time, we have extended beyond our original business model as a mere support system for the Timken bearing plants, and now hover around 100 spindle rebuilds per month, servicing over 250 accounts nationwide. Because of this continued growth, we have recently moved from our previous location to a brand new 20,000 sq/ft facility just 30 minutes outside of the heart of downtown Atlanta, GA.

Providing an OEM quality product at an unmatchable service, the Southeast Setco team is dedicated to getting our customer’s machines back up and running. We understand the crucial nature of a machine-down situation, and work diligently in every opportunity to send our customers a quality rebuild within a timely manner. Please let us know the next time that you have a spindle in need of service, and we will be glad to show you our capabilities first hand.