For 30 years, trusted experts for Repair & Rebuild of
DMG Mori Seiki spindles

1500+ DMG Spindles Repaired to date

50+ DMG Models Repaired to date

Fact 1

The largest team of Spindle Experts in North America.

Fact 2

70,000+ sq ft of repair space, the largest and most modern repair facilities in North America, with capabilities to routinely hold sub-micron accuracies.

Fact 3

4500+ Spindles repaired and rebuilt annually

Fact 4

4 Service Centres in North America Novi (Michigan), Cincinnati (Ohio), Lawrenceville (Georgia) & Ramos Arizpe (Mexico)

I need an expert on my DMG Mori spindle

    DMG MORI Seiki Spindle Models repaired

    SETCO has vast experience repairing Mori Seiki machine tool spindles. Over the years, we compiled our work instructions, bill of material, drawings, and assembly/testing processes to support your Mori Seiki spindle repair. We have experience rebuilding over 1500 Mori Seiki spindles and over 50+ Mori Seiki models – some of these models are below:

    Turning Centers:

    • NL2000, NL2500
    • NT3200, NT4250, NT4300
    • SL2500
    • SL25B, SL65
    • ZL250
    • ZL15, ZL18, ZL35
    • ZT2500, ZT1500Y
    • CMX800
    • CL203

    Horizontal Milling Machines:

    • MH50, MH63
    • MH500, MH630
    • DHP Series
    • NH4000, NH5000
    • NHX5000, NHX6300, NHX8000
    • SH40, SH50, SH63
    • SH400, SH403, SH500, SH630

    Vertical Milling Machines:

    • DMC50, DMC60
    • MV40, MV65, MV653
    • NMV3000, NMV500
    • SV400, SV500
    • DMC650V, DMC850V
    • NVX5100
    • Utilimill V3000
    • V24, VS60
    • GV503
    • Duracenter 5

    5 Axis Machining Centeres:

    • DMC50, DMC60
    • NMH Series
    • NMV Series
    • DMU50, DMU65 monoBlock
    • DMU125 monoBlock
    • DMC650V, DMC850