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Custom Engineering

In the 100+ years that Setco has been in business, its engineering team has met and conquered a wide range of applications. The flexibility in spindle and slide design that Setco provides is one of the core competencies that gives the company its edge. Although precision milling, boring, and grinding applications are some of Setco’s specialties, its engineering team has experience in non-machining applications including friction stir welding, rotary atomizers and dryers, tests rigs, and many more. Setco engineering works closely with its customers to provide a solution specifically tailored for their application that provides the most return for their investment.

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Setco engineering will custom design a product to solve your application needs. Please fill out the Spindle and/or Slide Customer Application Information Form depending on your needs in order to start the discussion with our engineering staff in solving your production needs. 

You can download the form HERE and upload it below if you would rather.