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Spark Erosion Grinding

The Setco™ Spark Erosion Grinding (SEG) System is a portable electronic discharge machining system that precisely removes metal stock using AC current. The SEG process utilizes EDM technology to arc-grind a profile on metal parts.

Product Questions?

For over 20 years the SEG system has been used to machine honeycomb seals and rings for jet engines. Instead of replacing these expensive components, the SEG system can reshape the honeycomb at a fraction of the cost of new replacement parts.

The SEG process is efficient and superior to the mill-type remanufacturing process- typically reducing machine time by 30 to 50%.

The process is simple. For cylindrical parts, the SEG-125 system is easily adapted to an existing processing center; typically a lathe or turning center is used to secure the honeycomb part and provide part rotation. The SEG spindle is mounted to the cross slide and fed into the part for stock removal. AC Electrical current is fed through the spindle arbor to form a controlled arc between electrode wheel and the metallic honeycomb. As the SEG spindle is fed into part the electric arc erodes away the honeycomb to machine the part to finished diameter.

Download the SEG System brochure for more details and watch the SEG System in action!

SEG Process Features

  • Burr free honeycomb finishing with minimal clean-up
  • Finish machine to print specs with minimal mechanical preparation
  • Remove up to .020" stock removal per pass (alternate methods remove 0.005" per pass)
  • Machine contour shapes with tracer control or shaping electrodes
  • No contact "electrical machining" process reduces cutting force strain on the part
  • Machine honeycomb down to 1/50" of cell size
  • Machine foil down to 0.002" thickness
  • Use with machine coolant to flush away particles and cool the wheel and part
  • Low maintenance and requires only periodic coolant replacement
  • Electrode wheels can be "shop manufactured" from cold rolled steel
  • The SEG 125 system easily integrates with existing equipment.