Vibration Analyzer Software

TrueSetTM is a complete Dynamic Balancer and Vibration Analyzer that allows users to perform balancing in the field, plus measure and analyze vibrations on machinery. Data can be stored to the database. Reports can be made with Microsoft Word or Excel. Its use is very intuitive and simple, however it includes advanced tools for more experienced users. 

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TrueSetTM Features

  • Windows-based
  • Real-time Vibration Graph
  • 3D ODS Simulator and Analyzer
  • Real 3D Waterfalls
  • Dual Channel functions
  • 2 million point FFT Spectra
  • Advanced Vibration Analysis: Spectrogram, Cross Power Spectrum Coherence, Frequency Response, and Orbits and Bode
  • 1 and 2 Plane Dynamic Balancing and Polar Graphics
  • Balancing Calculator
  • Database Sync
  • Barcode reader and generator
  • +20,000 bearings database
  • ASCII, WAV, UFF58 file compatibility
  • Hard Case included
  • Generate reports with Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Stores data for predictive maintenance
  • Two seats at Setco Vibration Training at a Setco facility