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Setco Taiwan was established in June 2005 and is located in the Taichung Industrial Area. Setco Taiwan strives to become the highest quality spindle provider. Setco’s product line includes Direct Drive Spindle Motorized Spindles and Swiveling Heads. Setco Neo cooperates with well-known international companies from Japan and Europe to improve the skills of our workforce, technology of our products, and provide better service to our customers.

Machining Ability: In order to guarantee the spindle precision and quality, Setco Taiwan's factory is temperature controlled with accurate grinding and measuring equipment. Setco Taiwan offers numerous precision spindle products for well-know national and international companies. The precision and performance obtained by the customers provides for a long term cooperative partnership and economically priced product.

Precision Facilities: Setco Taiwan has set up our own grinding and processing of the production line, to make the best precision spindle. The processing equipment run under environment of temperature control, and the precision and stability are all control under 2um. Setco Taiwan has a state of the art grinding line to assure precision machining of our spindles.

Assembly room with thermostatic environment: Every single spindle assembled from Setco Taiwan is assembled under temperature controlled environment, to guarantee the lifetime of precision bearings.

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