There are many varieties of CNC machine tools, with many different spindle designs. Setco’s four service centers in North America will rebuild your machine tool spindle, no matter what brand or type.

There are also machine tool OEMs like FADAL and Milltronics that have a large population of the machines with the same spindle design. For these spindles, Setco has a core exchange program to reduce the time your machine is down. We also have a quick turnaround program for Makino A51 and A61 machines.

Here is how our core exchange works:

Fill out the form below and submit it. If we have your style spindle in stock we will email you a quote. After purchase order is received, we will ship the spindle. After receipt and installation package your old spindle in the shipping box that the Setco core spindle was received in and return to Setco. We are stocking various spindle types and speeds for Fadal and Milltronics spindles. These have the same warranty as the OEM.

We also have a quick turnaround program for Makino A51 and A61 machines:

For Makino A51 and A61 spindles: Fill out the form below and submit it. We will send a quote. After receipt of your spindle and purchase order, Setco will repair, test, runoff, and return your spindle in a condensed period of time from traditional lead times. Our pricing and lead time will compete with OEM. We are able to accomplish this with our stock program for bearings, o-rings, drawbar springs; our internal documented processes; and our dedicated runoff and testing fixtures for these spindles.

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