Setco™ Spindle Repair: the premier precision spindle repair service. We deliver the best value, highest performance, and the most dependable customer service in the industry.  With nine strategically positioned repair centers worldwide Setco is committed to serving all your operation's needs.

Contact your nearest Setco Service Center to learn more about our repair services or to get advice about a current issue you are experiencing. 

Along with getting production up-and-running again, our spindle repair offers the following benefits:

  • Maximize spindle performance to improve productivity
  • Decrease downtime
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Improve spindle reliability
  • Best warranty in the industry
  • Emergency Services Available

For special machine applications, our in-house engineering and manufacturing capabilities allow us to re-engineer and make new parts, as well as retrofit newer spindle technologies into older designs for even greater performance.

Spindles We Repair

We repair machine spindles for almost any application or industry including:

  • Milling Spindles
  • Turning Spindles
  • Grinding Spindles
  • Boring Spindles

The Setco Spindle Repair & Spindle Rebuild Process

From start-to-finish, customer service is our highest priority. We back all our work with a written warranty, and our commitment to return your spindle with "like-new" performance.  Watch our spindle repair process.

  • 1 Failure Analysis

    We do a "failure analysis" on all spindles to isolate and determine the reason it failed.

  • 2 Component Inspection

    We examine all components for any signs of wear, improper fit & size.

    This includes: bearing journals, bores, shoulders, shafts, caps, bushings & spacers.

  • 3 Firm Price Quote

    We "firm price" our spindle rebuilds.

    1. Once approved, work is started immediately.
    2. If you decide not to have Setco rebuild your spindle, we promptly return your spindle.
  • 4 Part Replacement & Reconditioning

    We replace or re-condition parts to OEM specs to ensure "like new" operating performance.

    • Housings Are Sleeved & Machined
    • Shafts Are Chromed & Reground
    • Components Are Checked for Balance
    • All Spindle Bearings Are Replaced
    • All Spindle Seals Are Replaced
    • Motors Tested & Rewound
  • 5 Reassembly

    We reassemble your spindle, precision balance and run-in under controlled conditions. We also collect signature data and record it for future reference.

  • 6 Return

    When your spindle is complete, we return it to you with" like new" performance.

Brands We Repair

We can service over 350 spindle manufacturers including:

See the full list of spindle brands we repair.

Setco is here to help!

If you have a machine spindle problem and need some ideas on what could be wrong, all our service centers are staffed with experts that offer years of experience with precision spindles. There is a good chance we can offer suggestions that will help you isolate the problem.