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With over 350 brands in our repair portfolio, we are the knowledge-leaders in spindle rebuilds. We promise to deliver the best value, highest performance, and the most dependable customer service in the industry.

Our spindle repair services offer the following benefits:

  • Maximize spindle performance to improve productivity
  • Decrease downtime
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Improve spindle reliability
  • Best warranty in the industry
  • Emergency Services Available
  • For special machine applications, our in-house engineering and manufacturing capabilities allow us to re-engineer and make new parts, as well as retrofit newer spindle technologies into older designs for even greater performance.

We repair Belt-driven, Direct-drive, Geared and Motorized spindles for almost any application including milling, turning, grinding, and boring.

The Setco Spindle Repair & Spindle Rebuild Process from start-to-finish, customer service is our highest priority. We back all our work with a written warranty, and our commitment to return your spindle with “like-new” performance.

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Five ways to extend spindle life.

Machine spindles are the heart and soul of your milling operations. When they fail, it is often at the worst possible time. But, just like a human heart, there are things you can do to help prevent catastrophic failure. Here are five things you can do to take control of your spindles and help prevent premature failure.

  1. Contamination is a serious spindle killer. While most look to the coolant as the main way contamination seeps in, don’t overlook the air supply. The compressed air you rely on for automatic tool changes, transporting coolant, and removing chips, can also introduce contamination if the air is not dry.
  2. Drawbar pull force must be maintained to overcome the centrifugal force of the spinning spindle and the cutting load on the tool. Test your spindle pull force semiannually, or as chatter or part quality issues arise, to ensure the drawbar is functioning properly.
  3. Improper lubrication is another source of premature spindle failure. Don’t assume what works for one machine will work for another – follow your machine or spindle manual for lubrication pressure and volume settings. Ensure your lubricants are clean and to the manufacturers specifications and maintained at the correct levels.

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