Linear Bearing Slides

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Setco manufactures slides for many applications.

Linear Bearing Slides

SETCO offers six standard sizes of Linear Bearing Low (LBL) profile rail slides; 200, 300, 400, 500, 600 and

800mm slide widths. Linear bearing slides are sometimes referred to as “rail slides” as the bearing units ride on rails. Linear bearing slides offer smooth low friction linear motion in a low-profile compact package. Linear slides provide high rigidity and stability and can be applied to applications experiencing heavy loads, moments, and high positioning speed applications.

LBL slides are manufactured to meet application needs; saddle Lengths and base lengths and can be equipped with a variety of feed packages, cylinders, way protectors, travel limit switches, lubrication, and more.

The linear rail slide design consists of four ball bearing units mounted to the saddle tracking on two parallel rails that are mounted to the base.  When saddle lengths reach a certain length, or when loading is exceptionally high, additional bearing units are added to the saddle to increase load-carrying capacity and performance.  Linear bearing slides are an ideal choice for applications such as assembly, test, gage, motion control, and machining applications where high traverse speeds are needed.

The LBL series is built with precision to deliver optimum performance and high reliability. These slides are factory assembled and shipped ready to install.

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Benefits of Linear Bearing Slides

One significant benefit of linear bearing slides is their exceptional accuracy. They provide precise linear motion with minimal backlash or play, ensuring that the tool or workpiece moves exactly as programmed. This accuracy is crucial in CNC machining, where even slight deviations can lead to defective parts or compromised dimensional tolerances.

Smoothness of motion is another advantage offered by linear bearing slides. The rolling element bearings incorporated in these slides minimize friction, resulting in smooth and consistent movement. This smoothness enables CNC machines to operate at high speeds without sacrificing accuracy or causing excessive wear on the system.

Linear bearing slides also boast high load-bearing capacities. They are designed to handle heavy loads encountered in CNC machining operations, allowing for the machining of larger and more substantial workpieces. This capability expands the range of applications and the size of parts that can be manufactured using CNC machines.

The versatility of linear bearing slides is yet another benefit. They can be incorporated into various CNC machine configurations, including milling machines, lathes, grinders, and routers. Their modular design allows for easy integration and customization to suit specific machining requirements.

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Slide Features

  • Slide Widths of 200, 300, 400, 500, 600 & 800 mm
  • (7.87 to 31.49″)
  • Standard Base Length Up to 3m (119”)
  • Custom Base & Saddle Designs
  • Recirculating & Preloaded Bearing Packs
  • Arranged with Basic Lubrication Manifold & Piping
  • Accordion Protectors
  • Slide Side Protector Plates
  • Designed for Universal Mounting Attitudes
  • Ground Steel Plate Stress-Relieved Saddle
  • Base is Machine Tool Grade Cast Iron Stress-Relieved
    & Normalized to Minimize Distortion
  • Available with Ball Screws
  • Hydraulic Feeds


Saddle Width (Nominal)
800mm (31.50″)
600mm (23.62″)
500mm (19.69″)
400mm (15.75″)
300mm (11.81″)
200mm (7.88″)
Slide Height (Overall)
280mm (11.024″)
255mm (10.039″)
200mm (7.874″)
165mm (6.496″)
140mm (5.512″)
100mm (3.937″)
Saddle Lengths (Min-Max)
800mm Up to 1500mm in 50.4mm (2″) Increments
600mm Up to 1400mm in 50.4mm (2″) Increments
500mm Up to 1250mm in 50.4mm (2″) Increments
400mm Up to 1000mm in 50.4mm (2″) Increments
300mm Up to 750mm in 50.8mm (2″) Increments
200mm Up to 500mm in 50.8mm (2″) Increments
Base Lengths (Min-Max)
800mm Up to 3025 in 25.4mm (1″) Increments
600mm Up to 2950 in 25.4mm (1″) Increments
500mm Up to 2950 in 25.4mm (1″) Increments
400mm Up to 195- in 25.4mm (1″) Increments
300mm Up to 3025 in 25mm (1″) Increments
200mm Up to 1525 in 25.4mm (1″) Increments
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    Setco has manufactured linear bearing slides for many years. Be sure to contact you Setco representative for all your precision slide needs.