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SETCO Repairs Over 350 OEM Brands

Taking Care of Customers Since 1912 With Expert Spindle Repair and Rebuild Services

All spindle types repaired or rebuilt: belt driven, motorized, direct drive, gear driven for just about any application. SETCO repairs milling, drilling, boring, routers, grinding spindles. We repair high speed spindles up to 150,000 rpm. SETCO repairs spindles for special and standard machine tools from all industries – aerospace, automotive, defense, medical, heavy industry, oil/gas, stone cutting, and more!

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Setco Spindle Rebuild and Repair Process

  • Evaluate spindle failure mode
  • Test draw bar pull force & recondition with new springs/seals
  • Analyze and test spindle & motor problems
  • Correct taper, pilot, face, and all other tool connection problems
  • Restore improper fits & sizes to OEM specs
  • Replace or recondition worn parts to OEM specs
  • Reverse engineer & manufacture parts to OEM specs if needed
  • Install new precision bearings & seals
  • Precision balance & test to confirm “Like New” performance
  • Test & certify all electrical components

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Why Choose Setco As Your Spindle Replacement Or Repair Partner?

While all spindle repair and rebuild companies have the ability to do a good job on your spindle repairs, Setco is different in some critical areas. First, we’re the worlds largest independent spindle rebuilder. What this means is we’ve “been there, done that.” Chances are we’ve rebuilt dozens, or even hundreds of spindles just like yours.

Second, in additon to highly skilled and expereinced technicians, we have over a dozen degreed engineers in the USA and over 30 globally.

This gives us the ability to upgrade, design, and even reverse engineer your spindles to deliver top performance in your application.

And third, we’ve been around since 1912. We’re going to be here when you need us. Plus, we stand behind our products and repairs with the industry’s best warranty.

Thank you for taking the time to consider our spindle repair services. We look forward to working with you.

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