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Feb 06, 2023 | Jason Doerr

What is the most common reason for bearing failure?

The bearing is the heart of a machine tool spindle. Optimal operating conditions result in a smooth functioning machine with little noise and vibration. However,...

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Jan 17, 2023 | Bill Ledger

What is a CNC Machining Center

A basic CNC Machining Center refers to a Computerized Numerically Controlled Milling Machine. This Machining Center will have a minimum of 3 axis, referred to...

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Dec 07, 2022 | Mike Rampello

Safety Tips for Handling Precision Spindles

Machine tool spindles are precision components that require the highest level of care and handling. When performing maintenance or sending a spindle in for service,...

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Dec 02, 2022 | Bill Schroer

Setco Spindle Applications

Setco is an international company that serves a wide range of industries. We are fortunate to be involved in things people rely on daily. One...

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Nov 17, 2022 | Setco Corporation

The Primary Components of a Machine Tool Spindle

At the heart of the machine tool is a precision spindle used to apply the required torque, speed, and level of accuracy necessary to perform...

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Oct 29, 2022 | Dan Searles

Proper Spindle Storage Preserves Your Investment

Spindles are highly engineered, precision components that require special attention when storing.  Spindle storage can significantly impact the spindle's lifespan and performance. The key elements...

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Oct 28, 2022 | Kanan Block

Reverse Engineering a Spindle Can Yield Significant Savings Over Purchasing a New One

What do you do when a spindle fails, and the OEM is out of business, or the parts and engineering drawings are unavailable? A brand-new...

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Oct 28, 2022 | Marc Herbes

A Brief Description of 3, 4, and 5-Axis Machine Tools

The variety of parts, components, and finished goods produced by the manufacturing industry is endless. It takes a wide variety of tools to make these...

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Sep 30, 2022 | Steve Hoeting

Using Old Technology for Bearing Seals is Costing You More Than You Realize

As a machine tool business owner, you face the issue of spindle failure. The cost of the repair and the downtime is a serious drag...

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